Thursday, August 12, 2010

CSA share~Gift from a Friend~Co op order

CSA pick up day was yesterday and today I received our Co op order.

CSA Share~
a small bag of heirloom tomatoes
2 cucumbers
bunch of kale
bag of red bell peppers
eggplant~time to make eggplant bacon
1 extra cantaloupe that had a tiny crack in it..this was not part of the share...when they have produce that can not be sold or is not good enough to include in the shares they send it as extra's...1st come 1st served..if you are there and they are available you may choose what you want to take.

A friend of mine that has an organic garden called today offering me a gallon of tiny yellow pear shaped tomatoes if I wanted to pick them. Of Course!!
I was able to enjoy her comapany, tour her garden and get some sun.
She was generous with her goodies...she gave me some strange asian green beans..they are about a foot long, some hot peppers, several lemon cucumbers, a few cucumbers for juicing and a couple of slicing tomatoes.
While picking up my Co op order this evening I was given the leftover freebies from yesterday's CSA
2nd's ~16 small bell peppers~these are sunburned but are good after cutting away the sunburned portion~good for freezing or juicing
2nd's ~6 cucumbers~all are good for juicing

With the abundance of produce that we have on hand my husband and I are going to do a mini juice feast this weekend. I will be starting mine tomorrow and he will begin on Saturday. Time to clear out some cobwebs and flood the body with nutrition.

Co op order~
5# Daiya Mozzarella Cheese
1# of ground coriander seed from Frontier
5# of EastWind smooth peanut butter
Seitenbacher Vegetable broth powder
6# of organic mung beans for sprouting
10# of Red Star Nutritional Yeast
8# of organic green lentils for sprouting & soup~ing
25# of organic walnuts
25# of Newman's organic dog food
Pure Planet Just Barley powder~organic
Pines Wheat Grass Powder~organic
13# of organic raw shelled Brazil nuts

Thanks be to God for his provision....

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