Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy Day on the Homefront~

Busy day here. Trying to catch up on things and preparing for an adventure. Therefore, everyone is in action. My little one is down with a sore throat, headache and runny nose. Not sure what is going on here. She has been eating loads of watermelon, so she may be in a detox mode. She has a slight fever right now, but that is okay. It means her body is just doing it's job.

Her diet has improved quite a bit over the last few weeks. She is eating less and eating higher nutrient dense foods!! Yippee!

God made our bodies to know what to do, how it repair itself and how to cleanse. Think about it...our skins heals when it's cut our liver gets rid of poisons and our eliminatory organs eliminate the drain they go. We just need to give it the fuel it needs so that it can run efficiently. The better fuel, the better results we get.

May we consider the fuel we are giving our bodies about it fuel that imparts life or death....??? Our cells need water, minerals, oxygen and activity. Are you clogging them up or releasing them to do their job?

52 oz of green lemonade

strawberries, blueberries, banana & walnuts

late afternoon~

bed of mixed greens
1/4 c. beet salad
1 garlic clove
1 tomato
1/4 red bell pepper
nutritional yeast
lemon juice


1 frozen banana sliced
carob powder
raw blue agave
1 t. water

mix & eat

almond cheese & whole wheat wafers

herbal tea

I made some juices today


Green Lemonade

4 bunches of celery
5 lemons
3 beets
3 c. kale

I also made some RAW CRACKERS


pulp from carrot/cucumber/beet/celery/kale/very little lemon pulp
soaked golden flax seeds
soaked sesame seeds
chopped sunflower seeds
dried onions
nutritional yeast

mix together and spread on teflex sheets, score and dehydrate @ 108 degrees until dry and crispy
sorry I don't creative!

30 mins on the rebounder and some upper body with weights

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