Friday, February 11, 2011

What's on Your Table? Mediterranean Kale Salad, Monthly Veggie haul and Sprouting

What's on your table??
This is todays munchies
That is Paul Newman's Vegan Poppy Seed Dressing for my daughter and her broccoli...

This is Jennifer Cornbleet's recipe for
Mediterrianean Kale Salad
follow the link for a video
yellow bell peppers
olive oil
lime juice
Himalyan salt

Today Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw posted what is in her fridge, freezer and for lack of a better idea on my part I took some pictures of what I purchase for the month from our produce distributor.
Most items I purchase are organic...but some are not.
This may seem like a lot of veggies but I feed three adults and one teen a very high raw diet which includes juicing.

case of cukes, celery and spinach

top shelf~coconut water kefir, broccoli in bag, miso
in drawer~Volcano organic lime juice, carrots,  (Earthbound Buttery spread and vegan sour cream~not veggies-these come from my co-op buying group)
third shelf~blood oranges, in bags are more kale
in bottom drawer~in bags...romaine lettuce

This is coconut water kefir~it is usually in the fridge, but I ran out of room

This is one of my freezers~Greensuperfood powders, hemp powder in front
sunflower seeds, hempseeds, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, sprouted almonds, sprouted walnuts,
flaxseeds(brown and golden) in the back Ruth's Hemp protein powder...a snow/ice ball my daughter got out of our front a yard, sesame seeds
on the bottom I have several jars of almond pulp from making almond milk

In my other freezers I keep frozen fruits for smoothies, ginger,  frozen veggies, chia seeds, raw almonds, raw walnuts, cacao nibs, barley powder, carrot powder, beet powder, pumpkin seeds, sunflower and sesame  seeds, wheatgrass seeds, mung beans for sprouting and other sprouting seeds, raw trail mix,
for non raw meals I keep green and red lentils, organic brown rice & bulgar, sprouted Ezekiel bread and tortillas

My Crown Berkey and some organic banana's ripening up...hopefully

Top shelf~TJ's pitted prunes, pulp from juicing this a.m., broccoli seeds, green onion, Green Juice,
drawer~baby carrots,
second shelf~green peppers, colored peppers, in the bags~red beets with tops (in the background are cultured ginger carrots, a jar of black beans and a jug of Matt's organic OJ)
third shelf~ more spinach for green smoothies
bottom drawers~ Gourmet salad greens
I keep this in cold storage in my Sunroom, which is not heated.  I cover these boxes with blankets to insulate.
Pictured is a case of Granny Smith Apples, a case of organic bananas, bosc pears in closed box, topped with some ripe bananas
front~roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes

On Kristen's blog the issue of Green Bags came up, as to whether or not they actually keep produce fresher longer...
I tried them and they do work...I had some broccoli in one and it kept for a month with no change.  I was shocked!  
You will notice that I bag mine greens in grocer bags...I place a paper towel at the bottom and top and tie them tightly and my produce keeps very nicely this way.  If my items are especially wet, I will change the bag and paper towel out regularly to keep it from getting soggy.

This is what is growing in my window sill..
 alfalfa sprouts,  radish sprouts and in the jar are  more alfalfa sprouts.



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