Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dreamsicle Green Smoothie

coconut water
blood orange
vanilla cream stevia

It's green, but it taste like a dreamsicle....
I made this on Saturday morning...we were just lounging around the house enjoying our family time.
I have posted pictures of my daughters before and I thought it was time to reveal the men in my life.

This is my Raw Vegan Son...most days he is 100% raw...overall he eats about a 97-98% raw food diet.

This is my hubby...he eats a high raw vegan diet.  He just had his blood work done and everything was in the normal range but his good was just a bit low. His total cholesterol went from about 189 to less than two weeks after starting a high raw vegan diet at the beginning of this year.
He has vasillated a bit over the last few years...but he always comes back to a vegan diet.

My youngest daughter is a high raw vegan...her choice andshe is happy with the results...
My oldest married a one time she was a vegetarian...but she is flexing due to her newly married state...she eat's salmon/chicken/cheese/eggs.....and not quite sure what else.

I've had a very busy week....working, schooling, teaching a raw food class and preparing for a b-day party.

Today's weather....61 degrees..... made me want to get outside and walk/run....I can hardly wait for springtime...sunshine....when I can go outside and play.

I am still trying to gain full range of motion in my wrist and shoulder...I am doing Hatha Yoga to gain strength and flexibility...I am also jumping on my Rebounder and walking on my try to regain some of my muscle tone after breaking my wrist....and laying around while recovering.
Someday...I may get back to P90X....but after this ordeal...I'm not too sure how extreme I need to be to be fit & strong.

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