Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's De-Clutter and get Organized!

 This is what was on my table today!!!  As I've said before I like to keep a tray of fruits/veggies around for us to munch on.....right now it is 8:30pm and all that is left is a few pieces of celery and  3 chunks of pineapple. Also pictured is my daughter's a.m. strawberry and fresh almond milk smoothie and my Dandy Blend smoothie.
When I got up today I hit the floor running...
I finally had the time and motivation to do some deep cleaning, organizing and brightening up the house.  I was able to get two rooms finished. 
I find that I tend to pile things up....like books....I do love books...my husband says we insulate our house with books...
Too much clutter can cause stress....click the link to read about clutter and stress.
Check out De-Clutter 101 for idea's on how to eliminate clutter.
Fly Lady also has a great site to help you get organized! She is my favorite!

Tonight I had a bit of a sweet tooth so I made Avrie's Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls ....the only thing I did different was to use raw cacao nibs in place of th chocolate chips...She is a genius!!
opps....some of them did not make it in the picture!  :)

Beet and Carrot Salad with Radish Sprouts
I've been a sprouting a lot lately....I'll post a picture soon.  Radish sprouts are one of my fav's.  They have a nice kick to them.

Spinach Salad with Chinese Cole Slaw

You can see Ani Phyo's~Raw Food Essentials in the background.  This is a great raw food book...for newby or any rawfooder that has been around awhile.
I'll be trying some of her bread recipes in the next few days....she uses celery in many of them...and I do love celery. 
My load of veggies comes tomorrow...so....
my son and I plan to do a one day juice feast...using lots of celery and greens, beets, granny smiths...and some lemon and ginger.

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