Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mommy Menu's E-Book

I had the privledge of being a contributor to Samantha's Gibbs new e-book titled, " Mommy Menu's.  Samantha is a mommy blogger.  She is the founder of Color Wheel Meals , she teaches classes and has a Green Smoothie Challenge that you can get involved in on Facebook.
Samantha truly believes that the best nutrition is one that is based on unprocessed whole foods. She currently feeds her family a high raw diet that contains mostly of uncooked fruits and veggies. She is passionate about sharing her story and helping other families learn how to eat unprocessed in a processed world. She founded Color Wheel Meals on these principles and hopes to extend her passion for healthy food to others.

Samantha decided to reach out and contact other Mommy Bloggers that wrote blogs based on feeding their children healthy, fresh foods. She asked them if they would like to work together and compile some great recipes and menus that would be valuable to others. She also wanted them to tell their "story" or how they went from eating unhealthy to a more nutritionally balanced diet.  She ended up with 12 Moms who wanted to be a part of the project.

Each mom submitted their blog/website information, a detailed Bio about themselves, and a recipe for a Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert, and Drink. They also provided pictures of some of their creations. The result is an amazing and inspirational E-book.
Samantha would love for you to receive this valuable Ebook so it is priced at only $12-this is less than a fast food meal for a family of four-these recipes may change your families life and health forever!

Here is the link to purchase this E-book through Paypal, please contact Samantha with any questions at

Please give up to 24 hours to receive the PDF file and please make sure that Paypal has your correct email address...if not please leave a note with your payment as to where you want it sent!

Thank you for your continued support!

I love this E-book and not because I am a part of it.  It has many mommy bloggers that I was not even aware existed.  There are so many wonderful recipes in this book.  If you are looking for a new and healthy way to feed your children, this is a great book to get you started....and if you are a seasoned raw fooder, you probably have all the ingredients on hand and will enjoy making and feeding these recipes to your family.  Most of them are extremely easy to prepare and you can mix and match up each bloggers recipes to fit your family and schedule.
You will also enjoy reading about each of these women's journey to a healthy lifestyle .  You may even be able to identify with their stories!

Samantha also has all 3 of her E-books in a bundle with the special price of $28
Here is the link to purchase all 3-books!

**I make no proceeds from the sale of any of these books..........
   But I am honored to be counted among the contributors.

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