Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! Hubby's new goals...

I'm still mentally and physically working through my broken wrist issues....I did manage to get my treadmill moved to a warm location and started using it again.  I am hopeful to establish a new routine of walking and whatever yoga & pilates I can manage....I'm still high raw vegan...but I can feel my body becoming soft with lack of exercise. One day at a time.....

My husband lost track of his goals last year and fell off the wagon...he stayed mostly vegetarian until half way through the year and then started sliding back to his old habits.  His primary reason for going veg last year was to participate in a Biggest Loser contest...but......this year he has a new attitude and reason for becoming vegan.  He has watched some educational video's that have given him a new direction in thought......"Healing Cancer From the Inside Out" and "EATING."..both by Mike Anderson, and "Simply Raw".
His goal this year is for health and his desire not to support the forces that are destroying our land and people.
He just started a couple days ago and I can already see the whites of his eyes clearing and he feels more energetic.
I  prepared several smoothies and a large mixed green salad with rice, black beans, corn salsa & pico for his time away from home.  He also carries fresh fruit, raw trail mix and granola.  He does not eat all of the items he takes, but he has them available and they provide variety.  For sucess, it is best to be prepared.
When he arrived home from work today I had  almond cheese and a veggie plate (cukes, grape tomatoes, green pepper) on the table.  For his dinner I made brown rice, onion, broccoli and topped it with Daiya Cheddar Cheese vegan) and paprika.  This was very filling and the brown rice thing reminded me of the Broccoli Rice casserole I used to make...but this one was much better and better for you....no creamed soups/dairy.
His smoothies today had:
granny smith apples
handful of almonds
Garden of Life Superseed powder
Nutribiotic Vegan Vanilla Rice Protein Powder
this batch made about 12 cups....these smoothies are filling and stick with you....my husband likes them...not me...I like a more simple green smoothie.  He drank a little half of it today and will finish it off tomorrow.

I am still waiting on my reader to download my pics onto the blog.....then I'll post more recipes...
BTW~ Rawdawg Rory's Raw Carrot cake is the bomb!!

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