Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture, Banana Split Ice cream smoothie & Raw Cheese Quesadilla

We are having a hot and humid 90 degree day with sunshine!!! Lot's of Vitamin D available today.
Wednesday's are my pick up day for CSA (community supported agriculture). If you are not familiar with is a website to learn about them.. Each week I get a share of my local farmer's crop that feeds a family of four that consumes a primarily plant based diet. Prior to the planting season I make arrangements to pay for the seasons harvest, which is 26 weeks. I have been doing this for 5 years and we love the fresh variety of produce and we get to support our local farmer's. We have been working with our farmer for about 7 years and he uses only sustainable & organic farming methods..Our portion today consisted of a bunch of kale, bok choy, mixed salad greens, (Yah!! for greens) 4 red peppers, a couple of tomatoes, a bunch of carrots, butternut squash, basil, okra, chives and
2nd peppers (2nd's are not choice but they will throw those in as freebies)so...with all of this plus yesterday's produce I purchased at the Farmer's Market our family should be set with more than enough and with the overflow I will dehydrate what I cannot use.

The family that host the CSA also has access to raw milk cheese, raw milk, organic meats, bakery goods, homemade soaps and other items as well as ordering wholesale from the warehouse to purchase organic and other healthy foodstuffs and personal items. I also network with another group that purchases wholesale organic produce from a distributor locally, which we order monthly. This is really great in the winter months. This is community support in action as we all work together ~some providing, some helping, distributing and delivering to one another when needed. Each of us is needed and mutually blessed~

This morning I had 1 quart of watermelon juice
2~16 oz bottles of green lemonade
bowl of banana, pineapple, blueberries topped with walnuts

mid afternoon~ romaine lettuce, 1 heaping T. of black beans & corn, 1/3 c. pico de gallo, grilled zuchinni & peppers,small amount of guacamole, non-raw chipotle dressing & about 6 corn chips

After this meal I couldn't hardly stay awake... Live enzymes are where it is at...
I went out to eat with my youngest daughter to have some special alone time with her and by the end of our time I felt like a zombie...we went for a walk and I could barely keep my eyes focused.. :(

So when we got home I prepared a banana split ice cream/smoothie & I ate 1 cup & sprinkled more cacao nibs on it. I am awake now :):):)


In this order put into a Vitamix: 12 oz of coconut milk, 4 bananas, raw cacao nibs, frozen strawberries, raw honey and vanilla, blend and add enough ice to make it super thick..what we didn't eat I froze for later. You could also use frozen bananas instead of ice.


late night snack...which I need to give up...raw cheese quesadilla~red bullhorn pepper sliced lengthwise and filled with pressed garlic & gouda raw milk cheese..

This afternoon I jumped on the trampoline for 10 mins. and did a 55 min cardio sculpt workout and this evening I walked for 3 miles

I would also like to say that every day I drink lots of water...this will go without saying(posting) from now on :)

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