Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blended Salad & Green Lemonade Recipe

As I said on my last post people are always wanting to know what I am eating and how to make it so I'm going to begin posting what I eat as often as I am able...this is for my own accountability and to give you some ideas too....

I began my day with 32 oz of green lemonade~ I juiced celery, rainbow chard, spinach, cukes, zuchinni,beet tops, lemon, ginger and added stevia
mid morning~ 1 c pineapple and 1 c blueberries
Blended salad~ 1 mango, 4 roma tomatoes, handful of romaine, handful of spinach, a few sprigs of parsely
for my sweet tooth I had~
1 t. Cacao Bliss (raw chocolate coconut butter)
1t. Amazon Bliss (raw coconut butter with superfoods ~acai, yacon, cacao nibs & goji berries)
nori roll~guacamole, grated cabbage, shredded carrots, diced red bell pepper, diced cuke, squeeze of lime, diced tomato and I use the tomato to wet the nori roll before rolling it up...yummy!

I just made a gallon of green lemonade for the next couple days, I store it in brown glass bottles in the coldest part of the careful so they don't explode from freezing...this took me some trial & error...
4 bunches of celery
5 lemons
1 finger of ginger
3 small zuchinni
1/2 cuke
tops from 1 sm bunch of beets
8 collard leaves
7 squirts of liquid stevia

I'm drinking about 24 oz of this green juice right now and it is good...

I jumped on my mini trampoline for about 25 mins and did some strength training with weights.

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