Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Onion Bread and Another Kale Salad

This was our centerpiece for the day and what was left went into our dinner salad tonight.
1 head of kale de-stemmed and shredded
1 package of baby bella's sliced
handful of red onion diced
Bragg's Liquid Amino's
lime juice
EV Olive oil
after the picture I added some diced red and yellow peppers from our veggie tray

This salad was the best!
I had some in a bowl and mixed in 1/2 of an avocado and spread it on my Chipotle Cheezy Flax Bread and it was better than any raw pizza I've had! sorry no picture...

I doubled my recipe and used sweet red onions instead of yellow/white
makes two trays of bread

Mix together in large bowl until seeds gel~
2c. ground golden flax seeds
2 c. water
2 t. salt

5 carrots chopped up in Vita Mix
4 large red onions sliced in Food processor
3 T. EV olive oil

mix together with hands until throughly amalgamated
dry on one side, flip and dry until desired doneness and cut up with kitchen scissors
my bread is moist but firm and delicious
The Eggplant Fakin Maple Bacon was really good on it

If you look very close in the picture above you can see a bit of kale in my bread.  There are times when I have my dehydrator going non stop.  Sometimes I leave the crumbs or remanants of the last goodies on the sheet rather than washing it, because it may add to the flavor of what I'm making.  So one side of this tray of bread will have nutritional yeast and kale baked into it. Sounded good to me.
After this I did wash my sheets because I am drying Honey Cinnamon Walnuts and Almonds.  I'll try to post pics and recipe tomorrow.  I am looking forward to sharing some of these with my Mother in Law. She really likes the walnuts.

Here is the final product with a few lonely pieces on Fakin Bacon on the side


  1. love how colorful that platter looks!!! Can I come over for lunch??? :)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Too funny, a portion of my dinner last night was some of the leftover sweet onion bread, smothered with avocado, tomatoes and kraut, and some raw kale salad made with marinated sundrieds and coconut aminos. Yummy!
    Great post!
    Peace and Raw Health,



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