Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Alkalized!!

Alkaline Lunch!
Beet Salad, Oriental Kale Salad and blended Soup/Salad

Oriental Kale Salad
2 bunches of kale cleaned and shredded
1 red bell pepper diced
handful of raw pumpkin seeds
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
1/4 c. lime juice
garlic to taste
Chinese Five Spice~lightly sprinkled over the top

Blended Soup/Salad
2 roma tomatoes
2 large stalks of celery with leaves
2 big handfuls of Gourmet Salad Greens
1" of  fresh jalapeno with seeds
lime juice
water to make it blendable
I blend mine of #3 of my Vitamix for a soupy coleslaw texture.  You can blend it to a smooth consistency if you like.
Sprinkle with dule and nori granules

For good health we need to keep our diet to about 75-80% alkaline. Do you know what that means and why? Read about the PH Scale here and how it relates to your health
Educate yourself, you are worth it!

Today I also had some Super Green Juice made with tons of kale and kale stems, broccoli stems, collard green stems, celery, cuke, beets, lemon, ginger and stevia
Carrot, apple, ginger juice
and a
Green Smoothie
raw almond milk
1/3 of a banana
handful of berry blend~raspberries, blackberries, blueberries
2 handfuls of spinach

So far it has been an alkaline day!

Did you know that almonds are alkaline and contain calcium?
Fresh Almond milk is a great substitute for cow's milk.
Here is a great video on how to make your own Almond Milk


  1. What amazing food you had! Isn't the raw living foods lifestyle the BEST!! Never knew I could get so excited about food.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. Elizabeth~My son and I were talking about it today...we love food...REAL food is amazing! The flavors just burst in your mouth and it is like a blood transfusion to your cells!

  3. So if you eat them in one meal it becomes hard for your body to digest either one of them well. Proteins require an acid environment to digest properly while starches require an alkaline environment. You digestive system can accommodate both environments at one time, but it obviously cannot create both at the same time!



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