Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kitchen Duty! Juicing & Salads and Final CSA Share

After watching, "The Gerson Miracle",  it was time to hit the kitchen!  I haven't juiced for a while.  I seem to go through a period of non juicing every few months.  Last week my son did the juicing, which was a real treat!
First on the menu was carrot/celery/apple/ginger juice
ingredients....pls. note I did not use all of the celery shown
just a couple of large handfuls


I save my kombucha bottles to store my juice
This was the yield plus 18 oz

Next on the menu was Beet Salad

Next I made "Marinated Boy Choy"
By Matt Samuelson
~ recipe from ,"The Complete Book of Raw Food"

For the salad:
4 heads of baby bok choy or 1 large bok choy-chopped into 1/2" strips
1 large carrot, shaved into strips  (I left this out)
For the marinade:
1 small lemon, juiced
1 small lime juiced
(instead of the lemon & lime, I used 3 T. lemon juice)
4-5 dates pitted
3 T. ginger
1/2 c. olive oil
3 T. nama shoyu ( I used Bragg's Liquid Amino's)

Blend all marinade ingreds. together well.  Combine 1/2 the marinade  and carrots and mix well. Add more marinade as desired (I mixed all of mine in)

This is the second time I have made this salad and I like it better than I did the first time!

I love this Living Foods recipe book!  This edition has 375 recipes!  If  I could only get one raw food recipe book, I would get this one.

The final dish I made was a Raw Salsa

Variety of tomatoes
green and red bell peppers
red onion
Himalayan salt
lemon juice
Pictured below was a previous batch ~I put tons of cilantro and peppers this time

After all that hard work I sat down and indulged!  I added some sliced radishes from my CSA share and topped my salads with raw sesame seeds..not pictured is a spoonful of my salsa on the side.

 CSA Share

sweet potatoes
leaf lettuce
huge green cabbage
bag of spinach
mixed greens
bell peppers
acorn squash
variety of hot peppers
lemon balm

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