Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sundried Olives...Laughter... the Booch is back & Almond Butter Fudge

Yesterday while shopping with my daughter at a local T.J Max outlet...I found these sundried olives.
I love  to shop there because they have a small gourmet food section with all kinds of goodies.  Whenever I run out of  Napa Valley organic extra virgin olive oil, I can usually find it there or Marshall's.
They both carry about the same line of products.

I sampled one of each of these olives tonight and I prefer the Kalmata!  I always prefer kalmata olives, so I am biased.  They were soft, juicy and delicious.  They other sundried were not as tasty to me.  They were smaller and not as soft and had a distinct flavor that I cannot peg just yet, but I didn't care for it.
Here is a link to Gaea ~and a few words I copied from their site.
Grown naturally in the fertile earth of Greece, sun-ripened and traditionally harvested, the “Gaea” range of products offers all the rich flavours and traditional ingredients essential
     to create the finest Greek Mediterranean cuisine and to live the “meze” cultural culinary experience.

The olives I found were not organic but they do have an organic line.
Amazon carries the regular olives and a couple other items from Gaea
Gaea products at Amazon.

A couple of my other great buys were: Himilayan pink salt: the large 17.5 oz/500 mg bottle of ground was only $4.99, the 10.58 bag of crystals was $2.99 and the grinder I picked up on a previous visit and the price tag is gone...but it was a good buy or I wouldn't have got it!
I normally do not buy this brand of Agave....but it was organic and flavored with hazelnut...@ $3.99  I thought I could come up with a hazelnut almond butter fudge recipe...mmmm
If you normally purchase these items you will recognize that these are great prices!  I also got a couple glass bottles of Voss...not pictured...but it was a 1 1/2 pint reusable glass bottle...very cool...and the sparkling water was very good.  The jar alone was worth the price I paid for it, and the water was just a bonus.

Moral of the story....keep your eyes never know when you will find a good buy...sometimes they are in the least expected places.......BUT.....DON'T BUY STUFF YOU CANNOT AFFORD!  :)

Someone posted this on FB the other day...and I love Steve Martin.  This video was not posted or directed at anyone.  It was posted in light-hearted fun! I hope you find humor in it... because they say, " Laughter is the Best Medicine".  One component of good health is to have a good dose of laughter each day.  If you seem to be lacking in this area, find something (ie. I Love Lucy" re-runs) or someone to have with with and laugh.

The "booch is back on the shelves...this is my favorite!  Check out my page to find out more about Kombucha

Himilayan salt and hazelnut Agave...
I don't use much agave...but I do keep raw agave on hand to add just a touch to my little pots of
almond butter fudge I make for snacking
1 T. raw cacao (you could use carob or cocoa)
2 heaping T. raw almond butter
a few drops of vanilla creme stevia..add more if not sweet enough
about 1 t. of agave
(all measurements are approx)
I like to crumble pecans on top for a little crunch!

I mix this up and place in ramekins and eat it up!...this will make a couple of small servings

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