Friday, October 2, 2009


Sunday 10-4-09
16 oz Juice
(celery, beets greens,kale,cucumber, fennel, cilantro, ginger and liquid stevia)

Blended Salad
romaine, 2 tomatoes, cabbage, baby carrots,alfalfa sprouts, dulse, water and topped it with chia seeds, nutritional yeast and beet salad

about a cup of blended salad~romaine, tomato, carrots,sprouts topped with corn/black bean salad and about 3 blue corn chips crushed into it.

corn salad and chips

nightly rawpuchinno

Corn Salad

fresh raw or frozen sweet corn
small amount of black beans
chives (I prefer red onion)
lime juice

Exercise: 33 mins on the rebounder and strength training with weights for my upper body

16oz juice (same as above)


Salad~romaine, green pepper & onion (lightly sauteed) 2T. rice and small amount of black beans, pico de gallo, corn salsa, guacamole
corn chips

During my date with my oldest daughter I had about 1/4 of a Starbucks Tall vanilla latte (not very good really-so I didn't finish it...too sweet..that yukky High Fructose corn syrup) & a not so raw salad from Papa Joe's~lettuce, cheese & sausage with vinegar & oil and a bit of bread...This salad was extrememly rich tasting to me and eating a whole cheesecake...I prefer the light energetic feeling that my blended salad's leave me with...Also this day's diet changed my digestion/elimination in a negative way...way to heavy for today (Sunday I'm back to my blended action and lighter fare)

rawpuchinno~~~I have been sleeping very deeply lately...during the same time frame that I have been drinking these nightly...maybe the Dandy Blend???~a combination of dandelion and other natural ingredients...good detox combo


32 oz. Red Detox juice


1/2 orange
few grapes

mid day
1 1/2 red bell pepper
raw crackers
6 almonds

Beet Salad
organic sesame blue corn chips

rawpuchinno (I'm lovin these things)

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