Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review of Angel Foods, Cleansing Smoothie and Almond Fetish-Cheese

Pineapple Celery,
  Beet & Carrot Smoothie
1 c. fresh pineapple
1 c. chopped celery
1 heaping t. beetroot powder
1 heaping t. carrot powder
1 squirt of vanilla cream stevia
handful of ice
Blend in Vita-Mix

This is very refreshing, cleansing, and hydrating!!!
I had to drink 3 of them!


Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies

Cherie Soria is an internationally know vegetarian cook and I understand why, now that I had read her book.  Cherie has the best of raw and cooked,  in an uncomplicated vegetarian/vegan recipe book.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the recipes and she uses ingredients that you may have on hand, or that are easily found. 
The first ten pages is an introduction to living foods and their benefits.
You will find a list of kitchen gagets, definitions of food ingredients, sprouting instructions and charts. She also discusses how our attitudes/energy have an effect on food values.
 As I stated before, Cherie's manner of writing is uncomplicated, and she gives clear instructions. 
You will also discover that Cherie prays to Angels, as she has included prayers on each recipe page.*

As I was reading and deciding which recipes to make, my thoughts kept coming to Ani Phyo's book Raw Food Essentials because of the simplicity of her recipes and the ability to make them your own.  I find this same adaptabililty with Cheri's recipes.

I also found some new recipes that greatly appealed to me...such as almond and cashew & seed yogurts, kiefer and Almond Feta-ish Cheese (which I made pictured below).

This book is for everyone trying to make or maintain healthy food choices in their diet.  Cherie's got it covered for cooked and raw food families with easy to prepare recipes.  These recipes could easily be made by your children...and you know that I highly recommend involving your children in food prep.
This book is one that I will be using on a regular basis.
You can get your copy at Book Publishing Company .
If you want to get an education on vegan and vegetarianism ~Book Publishing Company can supply all your needs.  They have a great selection of titles!  I had never heard of them and recently through the blog grapevine their company was revealed. 
They provided me with a few of their books to review, Angel Foods being one of them.
Check them out!!!

*Many of my readers know that I am a Bible Believing Christian, therefore I do not pray to Angels nor do I promote praying to them.  I pray to the Creator of the Universe through Jesus Christ, only.

My almond cheese fermenting!

Final product with a couple Back to Nature gluten free sesame crackers stuck in it!
This cheese is delicious.  I modified it by using almond pulp and it is fantastic!!!
With the addition of more nutritional yeast it has the flavor of smokey cheddar!!
My alien beet!!!
Keep Smiling!!!

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  1. The cheese looks fantastic. I look forward to learning more about eating raw. Amen my dear friend. God Bless you.



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