Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easy Cheezy Peas, Nacho Chipotle Chips, Corn Salad


2 bags of frozen peas
2 c. celery diced
1 red bell pepper diceed
4 green onions chopped
1/3-1/2 c. nutritional yeast
1 t. garlic powder
1/8t. dried mustard
Vegenaise to moisten...don't get too much
this should not taste like mayo, if it does add more yeast and spices to taste

This is a picture of my daughter's
bottom layer~my raw Nacho Chipotle Chips
Daiya cheddar cheese~vegan
Vegan sour cream

Nacho Chipolte Chips
thanks to Ani Phyo for the basic chip recipe in her book Raw Food Essential~I changed it up a bit
~place in a bowl mix together and sit aside
3 c. ground golden flax seeds
1 c. of nutritional yeast

In high powered blender liquify:
3 c. water
3-4 c. chopped celery
4 T. oregano
1 T. Mrs. Dash Chipotle

pour liquids over mixture in bowl and mix may need to add more water as it thickens up quite a bit.  spread mixture on teflex sheets in dehyrdrator in a large square.  dry on one side and then flip, remove telfex and lightly salt with ground Himalyan salt and score in triangle shapes.  continue drying until crispy.  You will want the mixture to be about 1/8"....if it is thicker you can use it as bread...or thin out with more water.  I cannot keep enough of these around...they are yummy.  I had some with my blended salad today.
This is what's on my table today for munchies.  I purchased a membership to Costco and found those sweet mini peppers while foraging through the produce department.  Our Costco has some great prices on organic products.  One of my favorite buys was the  Italian Volcano 100% lemon has the equivalent of 40 lemons in the bottle for less than $4.  It is by far the best bottled lemon juice I've purchased.  I have been using it for about a year, but I've been paying over $6 a bottle.  I figured that I saved enough on the lemon juice I use in a year to pay for my Costco membership and then some!!!
Previously I used a case of lemons in no time...squeezing, squeezing, squeezing....well, some things are just not worth the time in my book.  Some day I may go back to squeezing...but for now, this is what works best for me...and it is a relief on the pocketbook too.

This is the other items my daughter ate with her nacho's....
Broccoli Salad, celery and a Roma tomato
This organic corn was another great buy at Costco,
5 pounds for a little over $5!
Corn salad was in order..
red bell pepper
red onion
lime juice
Himalyan salt

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!
Thanks for reading!!  :)
God Bless


  1. That all looks great. I think buying at Costco sounds good, especially for things that you go through fast. Love nacho's I will have to try yours.

  2. :) let me know how you like them



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