Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raw Apple Crisp and Blended Soup

Raw Apple Crisp ~
modified recipe of Rhonda Malkmus

6 organic Red Apples
(thank you Marsha for the gift of apples)
1/4 c. freshly squeezed orange juice
2T. raw unfiltered honey (or agave)
3/4 c. pecans
3/4 c. walnuts
3/4 c. organic raisins
3/4 t. ground cinnamon
1/2 t. nutmeg ( I used allspice)
1/4 t. ginger
pinch of sea salt

Peel and dice apples, place in an 8" square baking dish
combine orange juice and honey and drizzle over apples
toss until apples are well coated and set aside
In a food processor with "S" blade combine pecans, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and salt
Pulse just until nuts and raisins are chopped but not pureed
spoon the nut/raisin mixture over apples and serve or refrigerate until serving time
sliced apples drizzled with oj/honey
bowl of nuts, raisins and spices

nuts/raisins/spices in food processor

process until crumbly

top apples with mixture

This is delicious!!

Blended Soup

1 c. of filtered water
2 T. lemon juice
1 T. Bragg's Liquid Aminos
handful of collard greens
handful of mustard greens
3 big handfuls of mixed baby greens
4 celery stalks chopped
1 small red bell pepper
 2 small vine ripened tomatoes
1 small avocado
1 med. red beet
1 red jalapeno
1 large radish

Blend to desired consistency.  I like mine a bit on the chuncky side...very tiny chunks.  I like to be able to chew it a bit, unlike pureed soups.
**when making a blended soup or salad...use whatever veggies you have on hand and be creative according to your likes.  If you don't have the Bragg's, you can use low sodium soy sauce....Balsamic vinegar/rice vinegar...no vinegar...garlic...whatever you like.  I like to add a hot pepper, because I like spicy and it curbs the bitterness of strong greens.

I topped mine with some crumbly Cheezy Kale Chips

Today's post is dedicated to my sister-in-law Wanda.  Hoping you get well soon!

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