Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Health Screening Results~Cleansing, Chocolate Covered Cheeries

Last week I went and got a health screening. I was curious as to what my cholesterol and glucose levels are at. This was a fasting test. Therefore nothing but water for twelve hours prior to the test.
Here are my results:

Total Cholesterol: 152
less than 200=desirable
200-239= Borderline High
Greater than 240=High

HDL 64
(This is the the good stuff, the higher the value the better)
less than 40= Low HDL, potential for heart disease
Greater than 60=High HDL, this is considered ideal

LDL 80
(This is the Bad stuff, the lower the
better)and can be determined
by your physician

greater than 160 is considered high for all populations
less than 100 is desirable for heart vascular disease, diabetes
100-159=goals depend on your overall risk status and can be determined by your physician

Triglycerides 42
(these are free fats in the blood)
less than 150=normal
150-199=boarderline high
more than 500=Very high

Glucose 76
less than 59=considered low
101-125=potential pre-diabetes
greater than 126=suggests possibility of

Interpetation infomation provided by Hendricks Regional Health

Overall I am very happy with my results. My 18 year old son who is a strict Vegan had a total cholesterol of 118. Whoo Hoo!!! All of his counts were better than mine with the exception of a couple of points on the glucose and triglycerides.
I would like to encourage you to go to a health screening in your area. The one I attended took a blood draw and I fasted beforehand. This is your ideal situation for a true result. I have been at others that just took a skin prick.(It was at my local Sam's Club) I did fast prior to this one also, but I did not get the other details. Whichever is available remember to fast at least 12 hours beforehand. My screening was free and it was done thru our county hospital. Yippee! They do it every quarter and it is like a mini health fare. Most of the vendors are AMA approved and I didn't find one promoting nutrition. Most vendors offered sweet treats but they also had drawings for door prizes, such as gift cards and tickets to a Football game.
Check with your local hospitals and you will probably find similar situations.
This will also give you a baseline to see where you are now and then do it again to watch for any improvements in your numbers as your health improves.
This can provide you with some solid encouragement for yourself and when others question your weird way of eating. :)

Today I am semi cleansing. I have been taking a Genesis Today product called, "4 Total Cleanse" It is an herbal dietary supplement. Here are the benefits taken from their site:

Helps to ensures 2-3 good bowel movements each and every day with absolutely no dependency
Formulations backed with 20 years of real life clinical experience and 2.5 years of actual testing
Does not cause cramping, diarrhea, gas or over stimulating effects like other internal cleansers
Includes critical cleansing herbs that other popular internal cleansers do not contain, such as Wasabi, Uva Ursi Leaf, Yellow Dock Root, Pau D-Arco Bark, Gentian, Horsetail and many others
Non habit forming and buffered to help support proper gastrointestinal elimination*
Supports healthy detoxification of all seven channels of elimination*
100% vegetarian product with almost no excipients or binders - less than 4 mg per capsule (made with vegetarian capsules)
Does NOT contain Magnesium Hydroxide, Cape Aloe Gel, Senna or other harsh, un-buffered active ingredients that have potential negative effects associated with their use

My hubby and I are doing this simple cleanse regimen to support the diet changes he is making. I am doing this to support him and to enhance my own eliminatory organs. I choose this for it's simplicity and cost effectiveness. This product is a good one that is simple in that you continue eating (there is no fasting involved). My hubby is getting a gentle cleanse as he makes changes in eating habits.
When we make too many radical changes in our life at the same time it can be overwhelming. So start simple and do what will guarantee success and not sabotage your efforts. My husband has lost 8lbs in less than two weeks by eating a high raw vegan diet. I have seen improvements in his apprearance, attitude, energy levels and clearer thinking and his bad breath is gone!!! :) He has shared that he truely feels better! My daughter has noticed a change in the color of his face. Where his skin was always red, it is beginning to even out and becoming a more natural fleshy color.

Today's eats~

almond milk, banana, maca, lucuma, mesquite, raw cacao

40 oz Green Lemonade

Amazing Green Smoothie~almond milk, Amazing Green Grass Chocolate banana, raw cacao, lucuma, mesquite, maca, frozen sweet dark cherries, ice

I really love this stuff and it is full of superfoods and it is raw and vegan! I prefer the chocolate but my youngest likes the berry. The berry flavor kinda reminds me of those Pixy Stix candy we used to eat as children~the powdery candy in a straw.

Blended Salad~red leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, celery, cukes, 1 radish, marinated portabellas, homemade tahini dressing

Tahini Dressing
lemon juice
Braggs Liquid Aminos
water to thin

snack~banana~sliced with raw coconut, pecans and drizzled with chocolate sauce...
My kiddo's reminded me we had dark sweet cherries so I made a bit more chocolate sauce..but this time I left out the water and then we dipped the cherries in it...DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES

Yesterday's eats~
1/2 gallon of Green Lemonade
dark sweet cherries~handful
a few celery sticks/carrots/grape tomatoes dipped in a bit of spiced hummus
med. banana drizzled with chocolate syrup(cocoa, raw honey,vanilla,water)topped with a few raw pecans

The most important thing thing you will wear today is your smile, it may be the only one that someone may see... and remember to be Kind because every one is struggling with something.

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  1. Congrats and thanks for posting your results! That's excellent about your son, too! I'm a strict vegan and my last results showed my cholesterol at 96. Yay for vegan. :)

    I'm also a fan of Amazing Grass products.




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