Monday, January 25, 2010

Wedding Plans and a Few of my Favorite Things~

It has been a couple weeks since I posted. The day is drawing near that my eldest is to be married. My daughter is still working out the final details of the wedding and I get to go along for the ride most of the time. It has been a wonderful blessing to spend this time with her before she changes her name and becomes one with her mate. She will be moving many miles away so I want to get in every moment I can before she leaves.
She has been gone this weekend working on the house that she and her husband will occupy~ therefore I thought I would blog since I had a few minutes.
I am continuing to stay High Raw and I still feel great. My husband is now transitioning into a healthier diet. He has tried many times before just as many of us attempted. Most people do not just begin a lifestyle change and never have setbacks, so don't be discouraged if you have tried before and then go back to old habits. Just get up and begin again!
I have found that community and support from others is a MAJOR benefit to success....sometimes pain or fear is a good motivator too. I encourage you to find others to join you in your quest to improve your health through lifestyle changes. Then you will have someone to discuss your trials and successes with. There are many communities on the internet and there may be some in your area. Just start searching on the internet or asking at your health food store.
We have a Raw Support Group here locally that meets once a month to share information and recipes. They also plan field trips and visit Raw Restaurants and such.
Below I have a couple links to community sites where you can join others that are on this same journey.
One that I highly recommend is Raw Food Rehab. Penni Shelton created this site. Her recently published book, "Raw Food Cleanse" is a great book for the newbie to raw foods or the seasoned raw foodie. It could be used for a group study for those that are new to raw foods.

Juicing and My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets~

Yesterday I juiced 2 1/2 gallons of Green Lemonade and Carrot/ginger juice.
My trusty old Jack LaLanne juicer just will not give up the ghost. I love it because it has a large opening for the veggies/fruits and it is easy to clean up. I also own a Green Power Juicer that I use for wheatgrass. It is a twin powered juicer so it runs slower. This decreases oxidation so that it retains its nutritional value longer. I have a Champion Juicer too. I pull it out for raw ice creams and some day for nut butter. The latter two juicers have small shoots so you must chop up your produce and they are slower juicers, therefore it takes longer to juice and clean up.
Vita-mix~is my most used gadget in the kitchen. I use it probably 5-10 times a day. For making nut milks, juices, nut cheeses, sauces, blended salads, soups, smoothies...etc.
Salad Shooter~ I use this shred veggies and shave almonds
Vadalia Chopper~ another useful item for chopping veggies into large or small squares for salads or salsa
Garlic Press~ self explanatory
Peeler~making noodles or peeling veggies
Dehydrator~raw cookies & crackers, drying soaked nuts & seeds, herbs, drying nut pulp into flour, granola, I dry veggies that I cannot use up
Good Set of Knives
Glass jars with Good lids~for storing raw veggies and everything else
Crockpot~for my family of non raw fooders~I try to keep lentils/beans in the crock almost daily for quick meals. Each day I change it up a bit by adding another ingredient or two until they are used up

All of these items are not essential for a Raw Kitchen. You just need a good set of knives and a good imagination.
These are just the items that I have accumulated over the last few years and that I find helpful in my food preparation at this point in my journey.

Today's eats~

1 qt of Green Lemonade

Smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, maca, lucuma, mesquite, raw cacao, 1 t. instant organic coffee, ice

Nori Rolls~guac, shredded carrots, spinach, tabouli (parsley,green onions, sprouted or cooked quinoa tomatoes, cukes, cumin, lime, olive oil, pepper)

Smoothie~raw almond milk, banana, Amazing Green Grass Chocolate powder, 1 T organic no sugar Peanut Butter

Small Salad~spinach & red leaf, tomatoes, carrots, green onions, tahini dressing
Celery with Macho Nacho Cheese

Raw almond Cookies with macadamia icing

Kombucha Tea

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  1. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! What an exciting time.

    You are so right about lifestyle changes taking time. Thank you for the encouragement.



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