Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 of my Husband's 7 day cleanse

My husband is doing a 7 day cleanse and is on day two. He is doing great. He has his moments and visions of Bacon-a-tors, but has been able to overcome these thoughts. I continue to encourage him and draw him into my world. So tonight as a reward for today's success he had a few raw pecans with chocolate sauce.
At this point his greatest challenge is removing old thought patterns from his mind about what to eat. He has been high raw vegan for 16 days so this is a great accomplishment! I am so proud of him! I think diet is the hardest thing to change. As I have said before, we have to eat every day...we don't have to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs...but we do have to eat. Therefore we have the opportunity to overeat or indulge in ways that are unhealthy. We can choose not to be around the former things but we probably cannot always choose to stay away from unhealthy foods. It is everywhere, at work, during social and family gatherings, etc. So our opportunities are closer to trip us up. This is why we really need to have support from people that genuinely care about us...but, it is still very challenging. Again, I encourage you to find someone (preferrably the same gender~esp. if you are married) to support you in your journey.

My husband's eats today~
1 banana
1 16 oz green juice

very large salad~red romaine, cukes, green onion, cilantro, grape tomatoes,
salsa with artichokes, sprinkle of sesame seeds, 1 Avocado diced
Topped with Black beans salad (black beans, chopped carrots, diced red/yellow peppers, cumin, lime juice and olive oil

Amazing Grass Smoothie, raw almond milk, banana, big scoop of Amazing Grass~chocolate, cacao, mesquite, frozen cherries, ice

3-4 raw pecans with very little choclate sauce..cocoa and raw honey

today I ate~

64 oz of Green Lemonade

one ring of pinapple,a strawberry, cuke, a couple strips of bell pepper,
2 olives (I ate this at a baby shower I attended)

Salad~red leaf lettuce, cuke, 1/2 avocado, salsa, green onion, cilantro, raw sunflower seed dressing(no oil)

Amazing Green Grass Smoothie w/ my hubby-ingredients above

4 raw pecans w/ a bit of chocolate sauce

Kombucha tea

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