Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My daughter and I were sorting through a bulk of raw almonds and she happened upon this heart shaped one.  <3

One way I get more greens into my diet is by eating blended soups and salads.  They are also great to get and keep things moving through your digestive tract.  
Greens are the most micro nutrient rich food on the planet.  Make sure you are eating them everyday to fill a portion of your micro nutrient load.  Also, make sure you are eating lots of vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantity and variety each day.

My favorite blended Salad/Soup
Best Blended Salad
1 Ataulfo mango
(my favorite, but you could also use another variety)
3 small vine ripe tomatoes
mixed salad greens
2 swiss chard leaves
small handful of cilantro
1 1/2 c. celery
3/4 of a large cucumber
jalapeno peppers to taste
lemon juice

Blend to desired consistency
This made a full Vita-Mix container or about 2 quarts
and I topped mine with granulated dulse flakes

Blended soups and salads are easy to digest, filling and delicious.  You can make them any consistency you like...smooth for a soup or chunky so you have something to chew.  Leave out the fruit for a savory soup or salad...use whatever greens or salad fixin's you have on hand, change up your spices/seasonings, add avocado for a creamy soup or salad.or chop it into the bowl..be creative....if I think it might be too bitter I add jalapeno and it usually cuts right through it.
For the dressings I usually add the ingredients right into the blender...for instance...tahini, lemon juice and Bragg's Liquid Aminos is good....or for Italian...garlic, oregano, basil, dash of Olive oil or leave out the oil and use an avocado for the fat.  Sometimes I'll look at salad dressing labels of things I used to eat and create one of my own from their ingredients list that I modify.

Raw Corn Chips

Raw Corn Salad/Salsa
6 ears of corn~cleaned and shaved off the cob (you can also use organic frozen corn)
1/2 of a red onion corsely chopped
1/4-1/3 c. jalapeno's diced
splash of lemon juice
cilantro to taste
Mix and let marinate to allow the flavors to mingle
you could also add a dash of salt
other optional ingredients~diced red sweet peppers, diced celery or any other veggie you have on hand
you could leave out the jalapeno's and add the other veggies plus a bit of olive oil so that it is more like a  salad  rather than hot salsa
You might want to make a corn soup or chowder...
place it in the Vita-Mix and add water, salt, garlic, jalapeno, avocado, a little lime juice and blend
Be creatvive and Enjoy!

When I was ready to make my chips 
I placed the leftover corn salad in my Vita-Mix and added water and about 1/2 c. of ground Golden flaxseed, next I spread them onto a teflex sheet and scored them into chips shapes  
Dehydrate for until they are able to peel from the teflex sheet
 Peel and flip over onto mesh screen and dry until crisp.
*If you use salt be sure to sprinkle it lightly on the wet mixture so that it will stick...for a healthier salt free version sprinkle with a salt-free herb blend or cayenne. 

Super Berry Chocolate Smoothie
1 c. water
3 cups of baby spinach
1/2 frozen banana
1-2 c frozen mixed berries
1 T. raw cacao
1 squirt Sweet Leaf English Toffee Stevia

Blend and top with raw cacao nibs

Cherry Soft Serve

In Vita-Mix place:
1 frozen banana
1 c. frozen dark sweet cherries
almond milk to blend

blend until smooth & creamy but be careful not to over blend
you can also use a food processor

    Superfood Salad
bell peppers
cherry tomatoes
banana peppers

Don't forget to smile!

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