Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The great people at Stevita sent me a goodie package!
Around my house we love using stevia in place of other sweeteners because it does not affect blood sugar and Stevita is gluten free, sugar free, chemical free, allergen free.
 I can really tell the difference between it and other brands.  Stevita has a very clean taste.  My children loved the flavored single packets and the gum!  I have used the toffee flavor in my cacao almond milk and it is wonderful!  I always carry the single packets in   my purse to add to mineral water with lemon for a healthy soda.
Stevita or stevia can be used in smoothies, coffee beverages, cereals, etc.
You can go to their site and request a sample to try it for yourself or follow the link below to purchase yours at Amazon.  Amazon carries all of their products!


  1. We use stevia too!! I have never heard of this brand you like it compared to the others out there??

  2. I do like it, but my favorite is Sweetleaf Stevia Liquids...especially the English Toffee!

  3. MMMMM....yes, I like that one too!!!



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