Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Better Chip

The Better Chip sent me all of these goodies!

My husband endeavors to eat healthy while on the road and will sometimes shop at Meijer's.
One of  his staples is hummus.  While making his purchase he happened upon, "The Better Chip",  Jalapeno flavored.  Every week he would tell me how great these chips were and that I would probably like them.... because they were healthy.  hmmmm....I thought.
So I contacted the company to see what all the fuss was about.
Oh my goodness!!!
These are the best tasting chips up to date!!!
They are packed FULL of intense flavor and thick and crispy.
Here is some info from "The Better Chip" website

Made with 40% fresh ingredients so the flavor is inside
All Natural
Gluten Free
Made in a completely nut-free environment. No Kidding. We touch no nuts in our chip facility.
Lactose free (Red Pepper & Salsa Fresca, Jalapeno Sea Salt)
Contain NO animal bi-products
Made on a line dedicated to only tortilla products

I will eat these occasionally
 because chips are not part of a nutrient dense diet.
we all have our weaknesses   :)
...and they are vegan  :) :) 

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