Friday, January 20, 2012

Cacao Soft Serve and Daily Greens

Daily Green Juice
4 collard leaves with stems
big handful of romaine
3 stalks of celery

I made this in my Vita-Mix and strained it through a nut milk bag.
I try to have green juice everyday...
(I am not affiliated with this site but they have a good explanation of the benefits of juicing)

Cacao Nib Soft Serve
2 frozen bananas
fresh raw almond milk
small handful of cacao nibs

Blend  bananas and almond milk in Vita-Mix or food processor until smooth then add nibs
serve as is or place in freezer to eat later

Blended Salad
2 vine ripe tomatoes
large bunch of romaine
handful of cilantro
2-3 celery stalks
small jalapeno
2T. tahini
water to blend
pulse in Vita-Mix to desired consistency.
I topped mine with ground sesame seeds, nutritional yeast and dulse

These are some of the good eats we enjoyed at our house today.  I also had a green smoothie, a super food cacao smoothie and veggies with hummus.

I encourage you to eat a plant based diet for your good health!

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