Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Back~~~~~

I have been able to stay High Raw with no major flare ups, just a bit of bloating one day when I ate a small piece of whole grain bread the day before.
The best diet for me is a raw~ high water content diet
I just need to resolve not to eat bread!!! Ever!!! It doesn't matter if it is whole grain or not.

I have felt well and have been staying active. We have had a few very nice days. I was able to get out for an hour walk on a few occassions. I've also been faithful to do Yoga and Pilates.
I took my Yoga Instructor Test Sunday and Passed, so now I am a certified Instructor. Someday in the near future I'd like to begin a class in my community to share my love of Yoga with others. It is such a great practice and has helped me to strengthen calm & balance my my body/mind.
Now I am moving forward to get a nutrition certification so I will not be on here everyday.

I am eating a blended salad right now
celery (lots)
sprinkled with dulse flakes
and some Garden of Eatin oganic corn chips

I made some Green Juice~


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