Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greetings and Good News

Greetings to all of you out there!
I've have been busy participating in a group buy for Raw almonds. Our first shipment was great so we are doing it again. So if you know me personally and want to participate the deadline to get your order to me is November 24th. These are truly Raw unpasteurized almonds and can be sprouted.

I've been doing the raw thing and feeling great!
Today I got my co-op from two different sources and I am up to the roof in GREENS!! Praise the Lord for His abundant provision.
Last night I made 2 gallons of green juices. Yesterday, I found a great buy on celery (produced by sustainable farming methods) 49 cents a sleeve...unbelievable!!!
Today, my son brought home my order from our Community Supported Agriculture farmer...spinach, kale, 4 or 5 kinds of lettuces, beets with their greens, swiss chard and raw honey!!!
I have already made a kale salad for tomorrow and I am trying to get the spinach dry enough to store. It was a little muddy and wet.

A while back my husband had lost 20# while eating lots of grapes and watermelon and cutting out the junk but then went back to his standard American diet (SAD)
He appears to have symptoms of an arterial blockage in his groin area. This has been an ongoing issue for some time. For the last ten years since I've been with him his cholesterol has been above 200 and the good cholesterol has been too low. At one point he was diagnosed with a fatty liver. He has some other symptom that indicate that he is not in good health. He has chosen not to give the doctors our money for a diagnosis. We have researched his issues and his decision would be the same no matter what the doctor tells ....
My husband is now moving in a positive direction by eating healthier and working toward starting an exercise routine. He is in,what I call a transitional phase. Eating lots of raw foods, smoothies and cooked beans and whole grains.
After just one and a half days my husband called me from work and sounded like he was on too much caffeine...and what he shared so excitedly was tremendous. He said he felt GREAT! He had clarity of mind and could think and was hopeful that his memory would improve and he felt energetic. He confessed how bad he has felt and how unhealthy he has been and is ready to make a committment to change.
Most of the time we do not know how sick we are until we feel better. This is what my husband was experiencing.

This is my prayer and hope for anyone reading this blog. That if you are not in good health that you would come to a place where you become ready to take care of the temple of your body, so that you can have a clear mind to understand who the Lord is and to enjoy your life here on this earth.

Stop and consider the direction that you are going...where is it taking you?
where are you going..???

Kale Salad

very large bowl of kale destemmed and massaged
red onions
1/4c. raw honey
1/2c. fresh lemon juice
1/2c. olive oil
salt to taste

I'll probably sprinkle sesame seeds or sunflower seeds on it tomorrow
and chop up some fresh tomatoes in it!!

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