Friday, February 1, 2013

Community Supported Agriculture

I've been involved with a Community Supported Agriculture for 8 years....and I am looking forward to our 2013 CSA.   This past year I was blessed to be the host of a CSA group in my own neighborhood.
We had a great year of sharing and learning new ways to use our produce.  Some members discovered many new vegetables and found out just how delicious fresh local produce can be.
Just a few weeks ago I was still getting winter vegetables and I am longing for the greens of spring.....which is just around the corner.  :)
The pictures that you see are 1/2 share boxes.  Our boxes were always stuffed full of locally & sustainable grown, chemical free food.  
If you know me and would like to know more about our two Westside  CSA locations, give me a holler or message me.  We are having informational meetings this month and in March.
If you not in my area you can find a CSA near you at:

This fig is one of the goodies I received in one of my shares....mmmmmmmmmmm.......

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