Friday, February 1, 2013

Nutrient Dense Blended Soup or Salad & Raw Onion Bread


This is one of my favorite salad/soups combination.
Beginning from the bottom:

fresh mango
red bell pepper
juice of one lime
water to blend

You can use any combination you like and come up with your own favorite blend.  
This is a super hydrating, fiber rich, nutrient dense and a filling soup or blended salad.
I like to leave mine a bit chunky for texture and to get my digestive enzymes flowing from chewing, but you can blend until smooth if you prefer.

My soup/salad after blending.

Blended Soups and salad can be an easy way to get nutrients into those that are ill...ex. elderly, cancer patients or someone with limited ability or desire to chew and swallow food.
For additional calories and or nutrients you can add protein like hemp seeds, chia seeds and sprouted protein powders. Sometimes I will add walnuts for omega 3's.   Extra Virgin Coconut oil is another option.  Be sure to check with your doctor if you have health conditions or concerns.


Blended soup/salad sprinkled with dulse and diced avocado with a side of onion bread.

I doubled my recipe and used sweet red onions instead of yellow/white
makes two trays of bread

Mix together in large bowl until seeds gel~
2c. ground golden flax seeds
2 c. water
2 t. salt

5 carrots chopped up in Vita Mix ( I shredded mine in the food processor)
4 large red onions sliced in Food processor (I used Sweet onions)
3 T. EV olive oil

mix together with hands until thoroughly amalgamated
dry on one side, flip and dry to desired texture and cut up with kitchen scissors

Be kind & considerate to those around you......
and put on love 

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