Sunday, July 22, 2012

Craving Soft Serve Ice Cream

Today my daughter and I were craving something filling and decadent.  I found a recipe posted on Raw Food Recipes for Birthday Breakfast Banana Split.  One of the items in the banana split is an Almond Butter Ginger Cookie (raw of course) . They are delicious in the ice cream or standing alone as a power snack.  Together my daughter and I assembled and made this recipe in less 15 mins... .  She made the chocolate cashew sauce while I made the cookies & ice cream...I added sliced strawberries & blackberries to them.

Follow this link for a picture and recipe or for a quick soft serve try this:

Cacao Nib Soft Serve
2 frozen bananas
fresh raw almond milk(only use enough to make it blend-able)
small handful of cacao nibs

Blend  bananas and almond milk in Vita-Mix or food processor until smooth then add nibs
serve as is or place in freezer to eat later

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