Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New CSA in the Neighborhood!

I have been involved with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the about 7 years. I drive about 16-18 miles into town to pick it up, but it is worth it!  CSA's are a great way to support your local farmer's and get fresh, chemical free produce.  (always ask how they grow their food)
click on the links to find out about CSA's and look for one in your area.
This summer I was asked by a local farmer to help get a farmer's market in our community, so I jumped on the bandwagon!  Now after introducing fresh local produce to our neighbors our farmer is ready to introduce them to a  CSA.   Our farmer brought a 1/2 share of produce to the market today to show people what they might receive in their weekly box.  It was the end of the day for our farmer's market so I asked to purchase the box.  The cost was $12!!!  This was the regular price for anyone purchasing 1/2 share.  As you can see this is an abundant amount of produce for that price.

Pictured from top right and clockwise~
large bunch of red beets with tops
sweet peppers
sweet potatoes
1 turnip with greens
mustard greens
radishes in the center

Again I want to say that this was only 1/2 of a share!!!

If you live locally and want to participate in a CSA message me and I will be glad to help you get plugged in!

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  1. very nice!!!! I was getting organic produce delivered but then had to stop for awhile because we couldn't afford it....I will start back up hopefully!!!



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