Friday, September 2, 2011

Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at Great Price!!!

click this picture for 2-54oz jars

click this pic for 2 -15 oz jars

Amazon has Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  at a great price.  You can get two 54oz jars for $39.83  when you click on to subscribe and save!  That is 108 ounces of yummy coconut oil!  This is a great price and you get free shipping too!
Purchasing in larger quantity is the best deal at 37 cents per ounce
if you get the smaller jars it is 49 cents per ounce....But either deal is still great and you cannot get it cheaper anywhere since you are not paying for shipping!

check out this other deal.. if you use their coupon code NUTIVSEP at checkout after clicking on subscribe and save you get two 15 oz jars for $6.49 per jar!

Remember you can always postpone your subscription if you find you are not in need at the time for shipping of future orders or you can request to ship prior....and if you decide you no longer want it you can cancel anytime!  Subscribe and Save is a great way to save and get what you need delivered to your door!

Just click on the picture above or below to order!
click on this link for 2-54oz jars

click this link for 2 -15oz jars
coupon code only good on 2-15oz jars

Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Heavenly Homemakers for the tip!!

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