Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CSA Week 17 out of 25

We are now into week 17 of our CSA and as you can see the colors are vibrant!
Beginning from the top right and going clockwise are pictured:
variety of sweet bell peppers
swiss chard
variety of cherry tomatoes
variety of hot pepperes
more hot peppers
more bell peppers (2nd's)
bag of soybeans
ladyfinger popcorn (hull-less)


I have not been posting much lately.  Life has been pretty busy and I want to buy up my time with my children, as they soon grow up and move on.
Life is more than fruits and veggies.
Priorities are one thing in life that seems to shift out of place over again.  It is good to evaulate our priorities on a regular basis to make sure we have not moved too far from the most important people or things in life.
Sometimes our life get so busy we neglect the most important for the things that we think need to be done when in reality they are the distractions that keep us from making the best use of our time....Someone once told me that the most important things in life are
1st God
2nd Family
you get the picture....
make your own list and look see how you are doing and make adjustments

Thanks for reading...
God Bless

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