Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stick Bugs, Bell Peppers, Cukes, Zukes & Kombucha!

This cool Stick Bug was on our front door!
  That is my teenage daughters hand next to it.  It was quite large and fun to watch.
We just had to have a picture.

A couple of weeks ago I received several 2nd bell peppers from my CSA.  I juiced some, ate some and dehydrated most of the overflow.  I just place them into my food processor after cleaning them.  This really saves time.

Into the dehydrator overnight!
I had 6 small jars of dried peppers to store!
They made the house smell wonderful.

My generous neighbor blessed me with this bowl of zukes and cukes.
I juiced most of them.

Rawdawg Rory had a great post on growing your own Scoby and I have had this in my fridge for several months waiting for the opportunity to grow my own.  When Rory posted his own adventure, I thought I'd get on with my own.

I used green tea and rapadura for mine.

This is day one July 29th, 2011.  I prepared my tea and waited to it to cool then poured my scoby baby into the mix, covered it up and waited......

Day 17~ August 14th.
I took several pictures from different angles.

You can see my scoby baby hanging down from the new scoby that is developing.

waiting.......... I'll post more pictures as this scoby develops.
It smells very acidic right now....and it looks healthy!

Peace & Hugs!

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