Friday, July 15, 2011

Juicing and loving Crispy Dulse

Ingredients for my juice today:
top left~clockwise
swiss chard & zucchini
peeled cucumbers
broccoli and ginger
100% organic Volcano lemon juice
 (there is the juice of 40 lemons in this bottle.. $3.89 at Costco!)

This made 1 gallon of Green Juice

Bottled and ready for the fridge

Mid afternoon meal~
Cabbage with olive oil, lemon juice and Himalyan salt
Topped with Spicy Cheese
After the picture I sprinkled granulated dulse on top and then ate it with strips of dulse...lovin me some crispy dulse
This is my Dulse!! 
 A yummy Sea Veggie
Dulse is full of Iodine... the natural kind...
(I do not eat iodized salt, it will harden your arteries)
and potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A

When you crave something salty and jerky...just eat some dulse!


  1. your juice looks yummy!!! I reuse my kombucha bottles too!!! :)

  2. How much juice do you drink a day? I am just starting to add juice to my raw diet, and was just wondering how much I should drink.
    Thanks for your pics!!

  3. I drink 1-2 quarts a day. My juice usually last 2 days. I also drink shots of wheatgrass too! Most of the time I use Pines Wheatgrass...In my Magic Bulleet I place 1 heaping t. wheatgrass powder, 1/2 c. water, 3 drops of Sweetleaf Berry Stevia and one ice cube...blend and drink it down. I try for two of these a day...



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