Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSA share this week!

1 large head of  Bok Choy
15 bell peppers (variety of colors)
variety of hot peppers
1 bag of mixed greens
2 yellow heirloom tomatoes
1 bag of variety heirloom tomatoes
1 large bag of sweet potatoes
lemon balm

Our CSA will have four more weeks of veggies coming.  I am sorry to see it end.  There is nothing like the taste and quality of fresh local organic produce.  I hope that you are encouraged to visit your local Farmer's Market or to join a CSA next year~ after reading my lists of produce that I receive each week for joining my local CSA.  If some of the produce is foreign to you, it is a great opportunity to experiment with new veggies and get more variety in your diet.  It is important to have a rainbow of fruits and veggies in your diet to provide the nutrients that your body needs.


I have been out of town this week, therefore I have not been in the kitchen much and I am looking forward to returning to the knife and cutting board.
 While traveling I took along some brown rice cakes with raw almond butter, bell peppers quartered, celery sticks, grape tomatoes, pineapple spears and a few smoothies.  Each of these items were packed in containers ready to eat.  It is best to be prepared so that you are not tempted to eat something that is harmful to your health, whether it causes distress symptoms or prevents you from reaching or maintaining your goals.
Last night on the way home I had to buy some mixed nuts from a convenient store to munch on on the long journey I had run out of some sort of protein to have with my time I will take along a jar of raw almond butter.
moral of the prepared....this takes time and forethought....
determine how long you will be gone
how many meals or snacks you may need
pre-cut as many items as possible to store in a cooler while traveling
take pre-packaged* fruit/ bananas, apples, oranges, avocado's...items that can easily be peeled and eaten (don't forget to pack a sharp knife)
*by pre-packaged...I mean packaged for traveling, by God...these are thick skinned items that can be eaten whole or peeled and do not need to be refrigerated
nuts and seeds are good too...( place in a glass jar and keep in cooler)
you can also take raw Larabars
green smoothies travel well too

When arriving you find yourself without a fridge....just go to a local gas station or grocer and buy some ice.
If it happens to be warm outside, I cover my cooler with a quilt to help insulate it or you can cover it with a reflector made to install inside the windshield.

I have found when I take time to plan ahead and have foodstuff on hand that I can eat that I feel better and am able to enjoy the journey.

Side note~traveling and sitting for long periods of time can sometimes promote a sluggish colon, so I always take Smooth Move Tea with me just in case.
This tea may not be good for everyone, but I have found it to be very effective for me when necessary.
I use the original flavor and find it very tasty.


Remember to breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, get proper sleep, sunshine, exercise, eliminate and/or manage stress, laugh and love..and pray to the creator of the universe through Jesus Christ.

Make sure to tell those you care about that you love them...

He that covers over an offense promotes love....don't be so sensitive.......... allow others to be human.

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