Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'd like to introduce myself~

Greetings!! My name is Kathy. I am joining the bloggers out here in hopes of helping others towards better health. I am not a doctor and I do not try to pose as one, so anything you read has been my own experience and opinions and is not to be used to diagnosis or treat yourself.

I began this journey  in the early 90's after my oldest daughter had been diagnosised with a seizure disorder.... my other two children followed in her footsteps, having seizures. My youngest being diagnosised with high blood pressure at the age of two. Needless to say I've spent many hours at the doctor, hospitals and getting lab work done. Our children's health can be a great motivator. My own health began failing around 1995 ...before my diagnosis I had about 38 symptoms...Yikes!!!  Yes, my doctors got tired of seeing me coming. Almost all of my symptoms were unrelated...or they seemed to be. I was suffering from systemic candida...which manifest itself all over the body..I had chest pains (by wearing a monitor they discovered I was having 73 premature ventricular contractions) hypogylcemia, chronic fatigue, constant sore throat, congestion, insomnia, shortness of breath, a myriad of pains in my joints, ears, neck etc...we had to call 911 one night because I had some sort of allergic body was freaking out. I felt ill all of the I had been poisoned or had some sort of fatal disease. I also had several miscarriages during this time. My body and my mind wanted to shut down. In fact I wanted the doctors to knock me out until they could discover what was wrong with me.
Here's the short version~.
by visiting a local health food store a clerk directed me to a low blood sugar diet and then suggested I consider candida.  I did my research and discovered I did indeed have this condition. I am thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Betty Rainey OB/GYN~ she made the really helped me when she confimed/acknowledged that something was wrong in my body ...sometimes when doctors do not recognize a condition, you can be made to feel like you are just a hypochrondriac...a bother.  Sad but true.
This led me on to the best health I had ever experienced up to this point in my life.....then after feeling good for about a year and a half I began to compromise...which brought me to a gastrointesinal doctor. 
My gastrointestinal doctor says I have IBS and that he will medicate me~no thanks... was my response.
This is what led me to more research and adopting the high raw diet I now enjoy.
It has been a process of discovery and I am still learning to make positive changes and better choices. Over the years I have transitioned from the Standard American Diet.... organic whole foods diet...vegetarian and now a high raw diet... I have been vegan for most of the time sincebeginning a high raw diet... I have eaten organic raw milk cheeses and on very rare occassions~ crabcakes.

I am currently working on a naturopathic degree and continue to study all areas of health and nutrition.
I believe God made our bodies to self-heal, if we will just remove the obstructions that are hindering it from doing it's marvelous work and then to give it what it needs to rebuild...

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